Proudly serving

Specialty coffeee shops in Berlin and Europe love to serve our outstanding matcha.

We are bringing your customers the most exciting matcha Japan has to offer.

Nowadays, matcha plays a vital role in your sortiment as a shop and many have already joined the movement.

Customers love our matcha and want to drink more than just coffee.

Why not join the tribe now :)

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Customer feedback

We love and value what our customers are saying. Nothing makes us more proud than hearing they love amikamatcha.

Fulfilling our high quality standards for our happy customers.

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Our mission since 2017

We want to share our best artisan matcha from Japan with you in Europe.

People who have dedicated their lives to grow and cultivate the world's best matcha green teas.

We only deliver highest matcha qualities available to specialty coffee shops in and around Europe.

You can trust us to deliver total quality!

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About the founders

We are Anton and Ünalp, the founders of amikamatcha.

We’ve learned to appreciate matcha grean tea for more than only a source of caffeine.

We are proud to bring you Japan's best matcha, shipping worldwide from Berlin since 2017 and pleased to share our amazing matcha we really love.

We hope you’ll join the journey. 

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